Heaven Parham
Kewadin St. Ignace
Saint Ignace, Michigan
"Heaven Parham"
I'm only giving this place the second star because of how well I did on the table games. LET me start from the beginning, I reserved a room for the night and after driving 3 hours to get there in the snow, we walked in hoping to be greeted by valet, only to feel like we were bothering the workers to do their jobs. They were just sitting thare chatting and acted as if we had interrupted them. Then we went to the hotel front desk to see a "be back in 20 min" sign, it being 10 at night, being on the road for so long and feeling unwelcome by the previous employees this was a little irritating to see that we couldn't check in. So we decided to stop at the players club to get our cards while we waited for the hotel staff. There was only one woman working and she also seemed bothered by us asking her to help us. Reluctantly she did and a line began to form behind us and she would not give my boyfriend his veterans players card (too much time?). So we then waited by the hotel front desk again. A security guard walked by asking if we needed help, literally the first person to genuinely care about our business with the casino. He called on the radio to get the hotel staff to the desk. About 5 mins later a man came to the desk- once again- looking bothered about our being there. Checked us in and gave is our keys and didn't even let us know how to get to our room, and walked away and went back on his "much needed" break. We eventually figured out how to get to our room and the room itself was very nice and comfortable bed. Which was a nice change of pace from our first 45 minutes in the building. We got settled and went to the casino, they had a loud band playing which was okay b.c. they were actually quite good. Played some cards had a few drinks and our night seemed to get better after talking to Alicia the bartender. She was proabaly the only reason our experience there was turned around. We played awhile. Then went to bed, only to be woken up by some weird banging noise in the bathroom that continued for HOURS. I hardly got any sleep. The following day we went down hpping tp play spme cards before we left, only to be told they didnt open until 2. The Valet leaving was very accommodating and even apologized about the night staff and went to get our car. We then left . HERE'S THE KICKER! - I had a bag of unopened chips in my car which was missing when we got back in it. The night valet stole it's out of my car! I know it's a small detail. But come on!! Way to make us want to return! This was one of the worst casino/ hotel experiences I've ever had.