Kaela Moore
Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at River Spirit Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at River Spirit
Tulsa, OK
"Kaela Moore"
After my co-workers and I completed some training at work, we celebrated here. I believe we were at the riff bar. It was fun, the energy was fantastic and the music was great. But I only had fun after my co-workers and I took some things into our own hands. When we arrived, we got out drinks and went to find a booth, there was a guy in a large booth by himself to the left of the bar. He invited us to sit there. Sure, why not. The guy introduced himself as Dick. Then he made small talk and I didn't like the guys personality but oh well, he let us sit there. The problem started when he started grabbing everyone. As in, grabbed every single one of my coworkers, including my own, rear-end. Now, this guy was much older than I am, a good 20 years on me (I'm 22) and I was extremely uncomfortable. After he grabbed mine, I cursed him out and went straight to one of the waitresses walking around and tried to deal with things the proper way. When I told the waitress she was flippant and told me "oh he is just having some fun" not cool. So I am on the dance floor with my co-workers and is is molesting everyone he sees. Male or female. It's disgusting. He made a grab for my breasts and I took his drink from him and dumped it on his head and told him that if he didn't leave, he would be leaving in an ambulance. A couple male co-workers backed me up on this and the guy proceeded to leave real quick. After that we just took a breath and decided to enjoy the rest of our night. But this guy still comes up in conversation. What I'm concerned about though, is the training of the staff. This guy was a dead-eyed creep and was openly molesting people while they told him no and to stop and NOTHING was done about it until we took matters into our own hands. Ridiculous. Perpetuating rape culture right there. If we hadn't kicked him out, I guarantee that he would have raped someone that night. Absolutely no doubt in my mind. Dispicable.