Gary Campbell
Treasury Casino & Hotel Treasury Casino & Hotel
Brisbane, Queensland
"Gary Campbell"
I dined at the Kitchen at Treasury the other night with some friends of mine that were from out of town. I chose that restaurant as I had dinned there on previous occasions and found there’s great service and a variety of food. We all placed our orders and waited and waited for our food. We noticed other dinners that had been seated after us were getting their food, eating it and leaving. This was repeated whilst we still waited for our food. Our server explained there had been a misunderstanding and how our food was being cooked asap. We understand that mistakes do happen, but waiting over an hour for our food was not only not acceptable but it was also embarrassing for our guests. The most disappointing thing about the entire experience was the attitude of the male staff member that finalised our bill. We explained how disappointed we were and felt that we shouldn’t have to pay for the entire bill. This male staff member then informed us that we were getting two meals for the price of one and that should be good enough, when we mentioned that this is a promotion that they were doing for everyone he looked at us blankly. We asked if we could at least get the garlic bread at no cost we were greeted with the same blank stare. After asking to speak to the manager he disappeared and was gone for a couple of minutes and came back and begrudgingly gave us a garlic bread at no charge. We all felt that the situation could have been dealt with in a more professional manner where we wouldn’t have been treated like we were a hindrance to this establishment.