John Doe
Sarasota Kennel Club Sarasota Kennel Club
Sarasota, Florida
"John Doe"
If there was an option for zero stars, that would be more appropriate. Let’s just say one star is giving the Sarasota kennel club too much credit. They discriminate against people and speak offensively. No matter what you tip or how nice you are, the staff/ servers appreciate nothing and do not say thank you. The place smells horrible and is so dirty it will make you uncomfortable. The education of the staff is on a 5th grade level. If your nice to any of the staff there, they will still treat you as if they are above you. The dealers knock over players chips right in front of your eyes as if it’s a joke. We could go on and on but I would say if you want to have a good experience drive the extra hour to the hard rock and play poker without having to deal with any of this negativity.