Delano Las Vegas Delano Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"EB G"
The Delano was a great place to stay in Las Vegas and I nice companion tower to Mandalay Bay. The rooms are suites with a decent size common area with TV and wet bar. The bedroom and bathroom are also good size with TVs in both. The room was newer with no wear and tear. Ironing Board Set Review (for the business traveler): Ironing Board (9/10): The fabric was brand new and thick. The board opened and closed very easily and the iron glided gracefully. The one negative of the board was that it was not full size and could have been a little wider but overall, it was top notch. Iron (7/10): The iron gets points knocked off because it had dirty water stains stuck on the iron that would have stained my clothes during the initial iron. The iron also lacked a "steam puff" button, which does not give maximum steamage while ironing. Luckily, the iron benefited from a good board or this would have been a lot lower score.