Marney Steeves
Casino New Brunswick
Moncton, New Brunswick
"Marney Steeves"
Been to the buffet at the Casino many times. Waited my share of time in line to get food with the line moving slowly (especially on crab night). Last night (Tuesday) we spent a ridiculous amount of time in line at a stand still. Why???? Certain people held the line up for 15 minutes - waiting for POTATOES... Finally one of the waitresses went up to the staff working the buffet (I'm assuming to tell them how long the line up was) and that staff member told the people in line that there was more food down the line. Could she not see that the line wasn't moving and suggested that earlier??? She told anyone waiting for potatoes that they can come back later to get some. The line starting moving slowly (bypassing the empty potato pan), with some people still in the way waiting for the potatoes (must be some good...). By the time we went through to serve ourselves, there were a lot of empty pans. I managed to get a little of this and a little of that, but my other half who was behind me, got hardly nothing at all. He eventually went back up to wait in line again to get some more food, but I refused to wait in line the second time so I opted for some soup. Then when we were finally done, we went to play the slot machines and that just ate up my money in a very quick amount of time. I had a very discouraging night ??.