Bec de Podolinsky
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"Bec de Podolinsky"
I've stayed at this hotel twice now for business. I previously stayed at The Vibe just up the road but wanted kitchen facilities so switched hotels. The rooms are tidy, the beds are comfortable and have crisp white sheets. The staff at the front desk have always been helpful but if you need something brought to your room, in my experience it unfortunately never happens. I requested some extra coat hangers and for someone to come and replace the battery in the safe and no one ever came in the five nights I stayed there. On my second visit, I couldn't stop the microwave after using it so I just switched it off at the wall rather than calling someone. Both times I have stayed on a high floor, so I really couldn't hear the traffic outside. On my second stay, I noticed a lot of noise could be heard from the hallway early in the morning when people were leaving their rooms and having conversations. The external doors to the rooms are not very soundproof. Overall, it's good value for money and the most important thing for me is that it's clean and hygienic, which the rooms were both times I stayed. Having a kitchen sink and microwave means I can cook breakfast each morning, which saves me money. I'll be booking for another four nights in April.