Dan Reiss
Kickapoo Casino
Harrah, Oklahoma
"Dan Reiss"
I enjoy going frequently to Harah Kickapoo . But the repair staff are very slow to complete repairs, like broke slot machines. I have over 2,000 points on my rewards card and I'm lucky, if they send me one $7 free play a month. Kickapoo management removed the black jack machines at the bar, my favorite slot machine to play. Love the staff at the restaurant and friendly cashiers. Enjoy my side salad, and occasional, steamed vegetables every week at the Restaurant. I visit almost every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, after work when possible. I posted negative feedback on their text feedback system and I am no longer able to post any feedback. Guess they have me blocked. I did get contacted the first time, I left feedback and complained about several things. The individual, I spoke with, said I need to get at least 10 points per week for free play. Well, I have religiously placed at least 15 points per week for months and still lucky to get one $7 free play a month. So, I guess, I am not the type customer, they want returning.