Scott Mcgillis
Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel Kansas Crossing Casino and Hotel
Pittsburg, Kansas
"Scott Mcgillis"
My early couple of times at Kansas crossing casino... we're unbelievable fantastic... perks more than other casino's in the area... playing with my card in machines winning more than other casino's.. After playing for a month daily, My free rooms cost money my free food stopped, winning stopped. The casino host said that's because my average dropped? Because i go daily.. LoL So i upped my BET.. still went daily.. OMG Now i never get called for hot seats drawings our any special events.. You would think that 26,thousand hard points in less than sixty days would mean something to a new casino.. Then a person has to ask for something from a casino host. REALLY SORRY Began is not what a player who has funded a casino does... I'm not the only person that has this experience with this casino... Go a couple of times, enjoy and don't ever go back.... y'all have fun