Jared Roussel
Sportsman's Royal Manor Sportsman's Royal Manor
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jared Roussel"
Fair price as of Feb 15, 2018: $220/week, tax inclusive $50 security deposit I'm staying in one of the renovated Jr. One Bedrooms that they're just now finishing up. It's a higher price point, but I'm really happy with it so far. I especially like the new sofas: firm and comfortable. The furniture is all flimsy particle board, but at least they're trying. The older, un-renovated unit that I saw I would not have moved into. It was dreary, musty, and dreadful. There were ghosts in there for sure. There's some slight ghettoness around, but it's not a dump by any stretch. I think if you are someone who minds their own business and just needs a simple place to crash, you'll be more than happy. Once you start having Dom Perignon tastes and want a ton of value, you start getting in the way of reality. This place is for people who are visiting longer term, hate signing leases, or are swimming in society's undertow living week to week. Not such a bad thing, in my opinion. Commitment is overrated, and conventional landlords are getting greedier by the day. They're only fair when they're desperate. There's a premium you pay for weekly, but at least you have your freedom.