Stuart Brown
Excalibur Hotel and Casino Excalibur Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Stuart Brown"
I stayed here in 2016 and enjoyed it. The casino area is perhaps a little dated, but more or less good and the rates were reasonable. The location is excellent too. However when planning a Vegas trip for 2018 I was extremely disappointed to find out they now charge for parking. This used to be free and they're trying to sell this as some kind of new "enhanced parking policy", but the parking is still identical to what it was before, the only difference is you have to pay for it now. I'm aware that many Vegas casinos seem to have got together and decided to add parking fees, but that doesn't make it any better. I would have recommended this as a place to stay back in 2016, but it's now essentially a place that advertises cheap base rates for a room and then simply adds high charges on top for resort fees and parking. It's no longer value for money and this alone merits knocking it down from a 4 star review to a 2 star one. I've gone from having a positive impression of Excalibur to holding a deeply negative view of the place and I won't be staying again.