Sammy Lloyd
Running Aces Harness Park
Columbus, Minnesota
"Sammy Lloyd"
I went a few years ago and my friend received a minor and totally ruined the experience. I didn't win much because I like to focus. Never stepped foot until around 5 years later. I was on my way to Mystic, which is where I always go and I decided I wanted something closer. So I went to RA and it was the best experience ever . I like black jack. Didn't know they had the tables with the options next to them if you get all suites or whatever but oh my. I got 3 7's all same suite and won! Best experience. I went in not knowing what anything was (it was all new to me) The guy next to me really wanted me to leave the table, he told me to go play at the $1's I said " I'm gonna try it, beginners luck" He was so mean but the nice lady on the other side helped me and was super nice. ( The dealers all thought I was a blast because I was so happy at the side bets. I enjoyed my time. The guy who was mean started being nice after he seen I really knew my stuff, just didn't know the 2 new things ( after I won my 1000$ on the 7 spades) I will be going more often. I think it's bye bye Mystic for a while