Charlene Brooks
Northern Lights Casino
Walker, Minnesota
"Charlene Brooks"
Bed Bug Alert! This review is a bit bittersweet because I found the staff at this casino and hotel incredibly delightful and kind. I was at the event center for a all-day work meeting where I needed to present. At about 3 in the morning I woke up to feeling incredibly itchy with clear bites from bed bugs. I was able to record a few bugs, one filled with blood and one coming out from underneath the covers. The front desk staff was very courteous and moved me to another room on another floor. The staff in the morning also pretty helpful they comp the room which was gracious however because this was a business meeting it wasn't an expense I was directly incurring. So the benefit was going to my employer and not me who was being eaten alive by these bugs. They're only other offer as apology was a $10 coupon for the buffet. Although I do appreciate their efforts I do think that considering the fact that I needed to throw clothing away, will be itchy for the next couple of days, and now I have to go through a cumbersome process of making sure that I don't bring bugs into my new apartment, I believe that a $10 coupon is not sufficient for the angst these bugs create. I did think the event space was very nice and the casino was very nice and for the most part the room seem to well accommodated however I do think this visit create negative light on my ability to be able to come to this venue again.