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Feb 18 '18 at 0:13

All inclusive resort. Nice decor. Nice landscaping. Very nice beach. The pool is nice, but the hot tub section of the pool is not actually heated. It is slightly cooler than the main section of the pool. There is an amphitheater for shows in the evening, but the shows are not very entertaining. The food service is very good, and the servers speak and understand the Queen's English reasonably well. The food quality is good, but not great. The rooms have air conditioning that works properly. The daytime activities are not particularly interesting. One would normally expect an activity such as snorkeling to be included at a beach all inclusive, but here, it's extra and off site. There is an indoor exercise area, but it's small. The few exercise machines are in working order. They have one beach volleyball court and a volleyball net in the pool. You have to notify the spa fifteen minutes in advance if you want to use the sauna so they can warm it up.