Arjun Kurup
Aliante Casino Hotel Aliante Casino Hotel
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"Arjun Kurup"
Had a mostly negative experience overall. We were a party of 2 adults and one 2 year old. We were new to casinos. The service was poor. For instance, we wandered for 10 minutes trying to find out how to start gaming. Then we were told how to use a member card to get points and then go to the slot machines. Could not figure out how to work the points, and called someone who disparaged us for not understanding, despite not explaining the difference between points, free play, and credits and how they related to the money put in or money paid out. Her Asian accent also made words difficult to understand but she continued to talk in a hurry. After spending not nearly enough time or effort, she referred me to a supervisor who was much better. When one of us was trying to explain to the other the rules of the slot machines, a staffer told to go to the restaurant due to presence of the 2 year old, though he was in the pathway between gaming areas (which I thought should have been ok). Other than that, the non smoking area was a joke as it was wide open to the smoking section with no apparent independent ventilation. We felt the smoke level was unsafe for the 2 year old and left without spending a dime. Only giving two stars because of the aforementioned supervisor, the man behind the reward benefits desk was attentive and professional, and the lady at the restaurant where the 2 year old was forced to go for being kind and thoughtful toward the 2 year old.