Gold N' Silver Inn
Reno, Nevada
The Pistachio Chocolate Cake is superbly moist abd not too sweet, don't let my three stars fool you (see below for my reasoning)! Moreover, if you want to experience old school Reno look no further. The food is standard American Diner fair with pancakes, waffles, club sandwiches, and the like. Since there is a small casino inside, the front part of the restaurant is smokey but the restaurant as a whole is not. The servers are generally a bit rough around the edges but nice and you never have to worry about dying of thirst because the refills happen often. I shoot to give stars based on relative ratings to restaurants in the same category (i.e. diner, pizza, brewery, etc.) in three domains food, service, and ambiance. Therefore, somewhere with three stars is worth going to but has been weighed down by other factors when compared with alternatives. In this case, the smokey entrance, mixed experience with wait staff, and the fact that not all items on the menu are not standout are the main determiners of the lower star rating. However, I've been going to this restaurant since 2010 to study while in university and now just to enjoy the food and read.