Kat Pur
Hobey's Casino Restaurant Hobey's Casino Restaurant
Sun Valley, Nevada
"Kat Pur"
My husband and I have been there 3 times. And while the slot machines always seemed to play with us, service, for anything, is almost unbelievably slow. One time, we played at a machine for over 30 minutes without a cocktail waitress ever making it our way. Another time I tried to cash out so I could move to another machine and the ticket got jammed. I turned on the light to get help and almost 15 minutes went by before anyone came to help me, and that was after me grabbing and attendant and letting them know how long I had been waiting. This last time, we started playing at machines about 20 feet from the bar thinking we would get a drink sooner. We played for about 10 minutes, the cocktail waitress took our order and it literally took another 20 minutes to receive the drink.