Ryan J
Monarch Casino Black Hawk Monarch Casino Black Hawk
Black Hawk, Colorado
"Ryan J"
You get carded here at every point, even after already having a wristband. You don't feel welcome at all. I also at at their hot dog restaurant downstairs which also serves burgers. They don't even come with fries nor do you have the option to purchase it as a side. The eating area is across from an office and near the valet who is looking in the window watching sports while you are next to the glass eating. The layout of this eatery being near the parking lot and office is very strange. The casino has a few table games but they are all the way in the back. Again, even after having a wristband which is pointless, you get carded everywhere. Bad mojo all around and not a fan despite their nice decor. Work on customer service and the layout of things to make players feel welcome.