Jamal Choudry
Golden Gate Hotel & Casino Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jamal Choudry"
This is the worst managed casino. Particularly, the way they run rge poker room is borderline criminal. Last Friday, I came to play poker at 9pm. I didn't get a seat until after midnight. When you do sit down and play, the dealers are horrendous. Most people would be embarrassed to have such incompetent dealers dealing at home game. They have no automatic shufflers and dealers are getting out 9 hands every half hour. I just returned from st. Louis where dealers are averaging 22 hands per half hour. Words cannot describe how poorly run and managed the Tropicana casino is. I have travelled all over US and have been to at least 50 casinos. Tropicana is not only at the bottom, but none other come close.