Felix Kerner
Atlantis at Paradise Island Resort and Casino Atlantis at Paradise Island Resort and Casino
Nassau, Paradise Island
"Felix Kerner"
Scenic and beautiful, but poor service and attitude for the price. They’ve invented a lot of ways to charge you - the resort fee, convenience fee, inconvenience fee, cost recovery fee, taxes on fees, taxes of taxes on fees, bad employee attitude fee, gratuities on bad employee attitude fee, mandatory and sometimes undeserved gratuities in addition to gratuities paid in cash, taxes on top of taxes and fees, but the service and food is not up to par. The location and facilities deserve 5 star rating, but the service is barely 2 star and the problem is not with the housekeepers and gardeners but with the management. One would expect this service at 2-3 star hotel, but not at 5 star resort. Probably not coming back as there are a lot of places in Caribbean that provide much better service for the money. Greedy Marriott corporation - take notice. This place is overly expensive, overrated, and NOT WORTH IT.