Mike Taube
Aransas Queen Casino Aransas Queen Casino
Aransas Pass, Texas
"Mike Taube"
It was a good time. Two free drinks? Sometimes more when they don’t take the ticket and you tip them. I was pretty toasty on my way out. So as you wait to gamble, you are walking around and just waiting to give your money away. This is when you go and claim your spot. Put a hat down, a card, whatever... something that marks your territory. I play craps and my wife plays blackjack. We both did okay. What I don’t like about this - the bathrooms are pretty bad. And I learned that I don’t gamble well with a count down timer of when it’s over. It made me anxious and make some poor choices. After it’s done, you have an hour to think about it lol- not everyone is as happy as they were when they got on. Overall, I had a good time. But I’d rather go to a casino.