Victoria Ellison
Harrah's Metropolis Casino Harrah's Metropolis Casino
Metropolis, Illinois
"Victoria Ellison"
I when t there and spent so much money I was going to play on a machine that a man got up and left my friend set down until I was done with my machine next to her I grabbed the ticket that was in her machine thanking it was ares and I was told I stole the ticket that was its the machine I was escorted off the primeses and told if I come back I go to jail I try to talk to a cop who called his self Ace and all he could do is say I deal with people like you all the time I'm a nurse and go to church all the time and I don't steal but I was treated like I was a murder thank about this place one mess up and you are put out for life this place is bad news they lie here not a good place. My friends who work there know me better than that they said these people make some thing out of nothing all the time.