Patricia Girroir
Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort Longstreet Hotel, Casino, and RV Resort
Amargosa Valley, Nevada
"Patricia Girroir"
A couple of things I loved about the hotel were the steakhouse, I would give it four stars. The atmosphere was upscale, and It was good food for the prices. Every hotel room has a view which is a plus. On the other hand, the hotel wasn't the cleanest and the staff was few and far between. I went to the bar and waited 20 minutes to order a drink only to have the bartender, Tim, finally come over and ask what i wanted. I told him a cosmo. His exact words were a firm "NO" then he walked away and came back a minute later to see if I wanted anything else. I ordered a shot which he didn't charge me for and I left to the bar across the street.