Lryan Ryan
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Las Vegas, Nevada
"Lryan Ryan"
I went to this market to pick up a few items. I was in produce when I noticed a big sign stating ‘bell peppers 2 for $1. Being that it did not specify a certain color. I picked the red. When I got to the register, the cashier rang up $1 each. I told her the sign showed 2/$1. Then this lady came behind me (apparently on her break) and cashier “smirked you picked wrong line” and the line lady barged into conversation and said I’ll go check. Then cashier ran over to check and they both came back yelling at me that there was a second sign below bell peppers that said red peppers $1. I’m trying to explain I only saw one sign above all the bp’s but they kept shouting over me and wouldn’t let me talk. I felt so attacked and treated as if I was trying to steal. I would have gladly paid the $1 but they were so rude I asked for manager. He went and checked and reluctantly gave me the .50. Each price but never apologized for their behavior and looked like he was annoyed that he was interrupted from a lunch date or something. To make matters worse, the cashier told her manager “you ring her up, I can’t deal with her. So he did, without acknowledging her rude behavior. Unbelievable! Well I guess for cheaper prices comes lousy customer service. Although no cheaper than Ralph’s or Vons.