Larry Krieger
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Playa Jaco
"Larry Krieger"
Have been eating lunch here for years but never again. The staff watched us try to chase off an iguana for half hour before our food arrived. The iguana jumped on my plate and took the steak sandwich while the 8 waiters stood back and laughed. I looked at them and was pretty upset and asked them if they were going to do anything. Nothing. Then a body builder half my age at the next table took exception to me being upset and started threatening me. The staff stood and did nothing. Went up to pay our tab for three of us and they wouldn’t even take the sandwich I didn’t get to eat off the tab. It was the most disgusting experience I have ever had in a restaurant. And by the way, I am in the restaurant business in Colorado. This would be like me watching rats eat off of patrons plates and doing nothing about it.