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Feb 25 '18 at 2:50

Apache Casino Hotel

When we got to the restaurant it wasn’t very busy but we were sat in the bar, drinks were ordered but we had to ask for a menu. We got salads and our waitress said she would be back with silverware. She didn’t come back with silverware, instead she stood at the bar making jokes while we had to ask another waiter to bring us silverware after setting there for 10 minutes with our salads in front of us and our waitress clearly ignoring us. She was waiting on every table but us. Another waitress brings us our food, politely asks if we need anything else. My boyfriend asks for a beer, which this new waitress informs our waitress about. Our waitress then proceeds to take another drink order from people who arrived 5 minutes after my boyfriend ordered his beer, fills their order, then comes back to say she hadn’t forgotten about his beer at the time that we were getting up to leave. My water was never filled and it ran completely dry halfway through the meal. Our original plan was to go to Texas Roadhouse for our date night but they were packed so we thought we’d try this instead. Next time we will wait for Roadhouse.