Zoya Kidd
Hilton Hotel Yaounde & Casino Hilton Hotel Yaounde & Casino
"Zoya Kidd"
Extremely rude female staff, from reception up to the executive lounge. I've been to a few African countries and about 80 countries total and this is, by far, the worst experience towards Caucasians that I've ever experienced. Never have I ever encountered more dirty looks in a 6 hour period in my life...from the airport to the "nice" hotel. We even shared a Presidential suite between the 3 of us, that has 3 bedrooms. The souvenir store is "on their own hours" so the posted hours are false. The executive lounge staff gave us dirty looks the entire time and the conversation with them was totally awkward, the entire lounge felt the awkwardness. Overall, very dissapointed. Terrible check in and check out procedures.