Deb Ortiz
Pensacola Greyhound Track Pensacola Greyhound Track
Pensacola, Florida
"Deb Ortiz"
STAY AWAY I went there with my husband while on vacation in Pensacola beach . This was the worst place I have ever played poker in. How wind creek casino allows this place to stay open under its name is unbelievable. A couple of the dealers were nice, but they were a few that was very rude. My husband said a curse word and they almost threw him off the table. About 5 mins later a "regular" there began swearing. I counted at least 6 times in a min he said the F word. We ask the dealer why this was permitted he said "he comes here all the time and that is just the way he is" then he said if we had a problem we can talk to the floor or leave. Obviously they cater toward regulars. Then this other lady dealers comes to the table, she is gossiping so much with the players everyone is constantly saying "we all checked" , "next card", it is over. It was so annoying. Like others has said all the staff looks so depressed, certainly an indication of the management. Interacting with the others players were just as sad. What a miserable experience. It really just ruined our whole vacation and we even won 140 dollars.