Old Man on a Suzuki Dirtbike
4 Bears Casino & Lodge 4 Bears Casino & Lodge
New Town, North Dakota
"Old Man on a Suzuki Dirtbike"
It was a nice place for my wife and me to meet up for the weekend. Food is good, but a bit on the expensive side. We don't like that breakfast buffet was over at 10:15, as my wife is Catholic, and can't eat before Mass, and by the time we got back to the hotel, they had shut down the breakfast buffet. I think Sunday breakfast buffet should be kept up later in the morning. There is also a way to transition from breakfast buffet into lunch buffet without closing down the restaurant. This should be done on Sunday. We also needed laundry facilities, and they don't have this. It would be good to remodel one room into a small laundromat. Or, if they add on again, then very seriously consider including a small laundromat. Otherwise, this is a better than adequate place to stay for the weekend.