Richard Adams
Scioto Downs Racino Scioto Downs Racino
Columbus, Ohio
"Richard Adams"
Eldorado Scioto Downs used to be the place to be. A place to go to have a nice time.. I'm not sure if new ownership (Eldorado) has tightened the slot machines or what but it is horrible. I've heard multiple complaints by other patrons concerning Eldorado Scioto Downs. Some who have simply opted never to return. I've even heard the ideal kicked around of launching an investigation... It's definitely a gamble ,there's certainly no guarantees but when you make multiple visits and spend hundreds of dollars you expect to have some good fortune... At least thats how it use to be.... Not anymore..... I'm sure Eldorado Scioto Downs has lost and will continue to lose a lot money... It's really a shame....