Micah Livingston
Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
"Micah Livingston"
Stayed in a suite. Toilet ran all night. Air conditioning limited to 68 degrees. Thermostat must have been off, cause I was sweating all night. There were two types of pillows. One was 2'x2', 10" tall, and made of rock. The other 1.5'x1', and very soft but it took all four of them in the suit to do the job, assisted by the concrete pillows to hold them in place. when I talked about the pillows they told me best to talk to houskeeping. Housekeeping let themselves into my room when I had a please do not disturb sign. They threw a fan in there and said nothing. I could not be more underwhelmed. Front desk staff was nice, but not the probably manager. Seems like a complete disconnect between all parts of the hotel. I don't usually write rotten reviews, but i feel there's a lot to work on for what we paid.