Debi Shook
Southland Park Southland Park
West Memphis, Arkansas
"Debi Shook"
We stayed at the Grand Marquis in Memphis it was my husband's birthday we had a lot of business to take care of that day the 9th so on that and you said we were going to the dog track play a little poker and eat at the buffet. I had never been since they've redone it and opened everything up all the restaurants and stuff and there was a lady behind us and she asked if we were eating the buffet and I told her yes ma'am she said her coupon expires that night and her other friend said she couldn't meet her something came up and she offered to buy my dinner and I told her by my husband's dinner cuz this is his birthday celebration so I thought that was very nice so she wouldn't lose her points and now we are signed up in members and we get our free buffet every month so I really liked it and we really enjoyed ourselves I recommend this place to anybody that likes to play poker on the machine or the table AR bet on the Off Track Betting for horses or watch the dogs run they have multiple restaurants and the biggest best buffet that I have seen in a long time it's worth the trip over the bridge from Memphis