Skye Cox
Newcastle Casino Newcastle Casino
Newcastle, Oklahoma
"Skye Cox"
I don't usually go to casinos because I don't think they are fun evenings out, especially if there isn't any other entertainment like concerts, stand-up comedy, or any other live performances. Newcastle Casino is so over packed with Gaming machines and Table Games, it's very difficult to get through the casino to the different areas of it. There are so many people, they run into each other. People are squeezed in the small building that houses Newcastle Casino. There is the SMOKING SECTION only. There is absolutely not a single place free from second hand smoke, not even the bathrooms are smoke-free. Every Gaming machine, every gaming table, and all Gaming areas are so close together, it seems intrusive, invasive, and uncomfortable. It's hard to enjoy the experience while being trampled, someone sitting so close they are in your personal space, on each side of you, blowing cigarette and cigar smoke in your face. There is ample disabled parking available in both the parking lot and parking garage. All parking is free. There is no valet parking. There is transport to and from parking areas to the casino doors for disabled and special needs patrons. I don't like it whatsoever, it's not an enjoyable experience. They do offer free coffee and fountain drinks.