Susan Lockhart
Indigo Sky Casino Indigo Sky Casino
Wyandotte, Oklahoma
"Susan Lockhart"
Slots were pretty good. Walked out with more than I brought in. Restaurant was horrible. the food tasted stale and not a good flavor at all. This was my first time here, my friend brought me, she gets the free room offers. But I don’t think I’d come back again. The employees out on the floor were nice, players club were nice. Front desk was very polite even though it was busy, which I don’t understand why there would be only one worker on a busy Saturday evening. But she was quick and very nice. I asked her Name and it was Jessica, every time I would pass through, it was always just her there. The rooms were clean, although on our second day, which was on a Sunday, I felt bad for the cleaning ladies, I could tell they were stressed and in a hurry. When walking down the hall, I heard someone on their little Walkie say “no breaks”, and to “hurry up” sounded hateful and rude. I’m a manager, and not giving your employees breaks and pushing them is not how you get the job done correctly. All in all, I won’t be back. There’s better places to go. Just wasn’t really that fun at all.