Carl Staib
Coeur D'Alene Casino Resort Hotel
Worley, Idaho
"Carl Staib"
My wife and I have been going to this place since they opened 25 years ago. For many years they progressed but in the last several years, it's been a downhill ride. Seriously, I get better food at the Flying "J" restaurant at I-90 and Broadway in Spokane than we do here. Prices...absolutely ridiculous for a casino. "Pri-Rib"...we quit buying them. Service, after 20 minutes and being asked if we'd been helped, we got up and left the "Sweet Grass" restaurant and we've eaten there many, many times before. The ONLY reason we continue go to this casino is the convenience to us. It's not far from our home. OK...I'm done with my rant and no, I do not recommend them.