Crystal Nettles
L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles
Lake Charles, Louisiana
"Crystal Nettles"
My husband had to book us a hotel room somewhere local in a hurry because our attic was having new insulation being added and the company got insulation all over our house. We were pretty upset about this and upset that we were having to uproot our lives on a week night after a long day at work. When we arrived at the hotel we were already annoyed and in bad moods so when we got to the front desk we weren't very friendly. Until we were greeted by one of your cashiers at the front desk. I believe her name was Brittany. She was so funny while checking us in. She kept cracking jokes that had us laughing before going up to our room. Then to top off her putting us in a brighter mood she even upgraded our king room to a beautiful suite with a view of the pool. We decided to have dinner at Asia. This restaurant is amazing... some of the best fried rice and sushi I have EVER had! The waitress never left us thirsty and was so prompt with our food. She had a name I couldn't even pronounce and I didn't write it down so sadly I can't leave her name in this review. We didn't try our hand at gambling because after such a good meal we were exhausted. But from what I could tell the casino floor seemed very nice as well and I couldn't even smell the smoke from the casino. We felt like we were on vacation and didn't want to leave the next morning! It was so refreshing and made us forget about our problems for the evening. Well worth the money for the room and the food!