Annetonette Ortiz
Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
Chandler, Arizona
"Annetonette Ortiz"
The staff at the 24 hour restaurant was exceedingly rude. First when I was sat down with my mother, who I had taken out for her birthday, the booth was dirty. I didn't say anything about it thinking it wasn't that serious because not eating off the booth, I'm eating off the table. But I did keep mental note and opted for asking for plastic utensils. After that we ordered and waited about 15 minutes for our food. My mother wasn't really hungry so she went to play more while I decided I'd wait and let her enjoy herself while I take a phone call and finish eating. A woman comes up to me, who I assume was a manager as she was wearing all black, and told me that I wasn't in a lounge area. I explained to her I was on the phone waiting on my mom and she twisted her face and said "yeah well this is a restaurant. I showed her my plate and told her I was still eating. I wasn't even half way done with my food yet and I had told my waitress I wanted to pay in advanced and relax and eat to which she said was fine. So the manager trying to rush me out really got to me. I hadn't even been there long. I was there for a total of maybe a half hour when she came up to me, including the time It took them to bring my food. I also found a weird bug in my food a while after and showed it to the manager who had already made it clear she didn't like my presence. When I told her and SHOWED HER the bug, she said "you should have told us sooner". I told her I just found it and she twists up her mouth and tells me "yeah while you were picking at your food". I wasn't picking at my food I was enjoying my meal. And thank God I did take my time because I wouldn't have found the bug otherwise. And even if I were picking, the fact remains that THERE WAS A BUG IN MY FOOD. how I was eating doesn't change that and it certainly does not make it okay. She gave me a refund for my plate and I got up to leave. As I was leaving she stared me down. I have never experienced something like this before. It was my first and last time at this restaurant And probably the casino after that experience. The people on the floor seem to hate their jobs. When my mother asked for a drink the lady sighed and asked how she wanted her coffee. The people hate their jobs and in turn give horrible customer service. And this is only two things that happened that morning. Worst casino I've ever been to.