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Mar 10 '18 at 0:02

Bok Homa Casino

I love going, but it always seems to be problems after I get there. I haven't won anything, nothing in the last month or more. It's disheartening. The majority of the employees don't want to help, has a bad attitude, and the casino could be cleaner. Just had to speak up, and need improvement in a lot of the slots. I just would like to continue to go, but the staff and administrators need to have meetings, and know that the guest should be treated with respect. I do appreciate some people there, and have come to know. PLS, take your players seriously, because we sacrifice a lot to come and play, travel and expenses. I would just like to have fun playing, like other casinos, and not just eat it up. Playing longer, is always better, as is a happy player. Ty to the nice, pleasant, employees that care enough about Bok Homa, and make it very enjoyable to come. Pls, help us faithful ones... Beth