EG Murray
Winnedumah Winn's Casino
Fort Independence, California
"EG Murray"
Place was clean and large. And there's a real food counter. Definitely draws a crowd of both locals and drivers. But... scary white-"rights", Nazi guys in there BOTH times Ive been in there in the last year. Both times they were in a group, I think they had just gotten off work; 3 young men doing some kind of construction 1st visit, and the other 2 young men might have just been truckers who drive together. Anyways, all of them were showcasing some creepy misogynistic violence message on their shirts. Both groups had at least one guy with the tell-tale red Trump hat. The other guys were just scary with creepy violent shirts. One guy had a "white lives matter too" shirt. And they all had that creepy you're white too grin, "so we might take u as a wife after the rape. Its weird because the place has a folksy native american reservation feel, with all their Mexican blankets, casino, and I believe the kind of fresh fruits and local dried treats that suggest reservation community. So if its on a reservation, why does it attract people who dont like dark skinned people? I guess its the only place to go. Its good they're all sticking it out together, and hopefully chumming it up. There didnt seem to be a meth vibe (apart from it being a desert truck stop). And it didnt seem like a sex-slave trade point either.