Chris Reinemann
Grand Treasure Casino Grand Treasure Casino
Trenton, North Dakota
"Chris Reinemann"
I revisited this casino after it's migration to the new building and it has earned it another star! The new building is beautiful and even though they still do not have separate smoking and non-smoking gaming sections they do have a very nice ventilation system. This casino is Class 2 Gaming, which means Bingo machines with slot reels "for entertainment purposes" and Keno. There are no video poker machines or card tables. Now there's nothing necessarily wrong with Bingo slots it's just that they are slower and you can often see if you have won before the reels stop, which can ruin the suspense. Aside from the gaming, they have free coffee and fountain soda plus good food for purchase. The dining area is larger than it was in the old building, a huge improvement and there is no smoking in the dining area. The player's club staff are very friendly and welcome all players. This place is worth a quick stop if you are passing through or live in the area.