Tunde Ogu
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"Tunde Ogu"
Great views from the top of the Stratosphere. We went at a magnificent time, when the sun was about to set, so we could literally see Vegas with a bit of daylight and then boom, the night lights. At the bar, we noticed our eyes were playing tricks with us through the peripheral vision. Underneath our eyes as we were still experiencing views porn, were people's heads out of position. Yes, it was the restaurant just on the floor below the bar, still up in the sky. The restaurant was actually doing a 360 degree spin across the sphere up in the sky. My goodness, had we known this before leaving, we would have loved to dine with such an experience. We were as high as the helicopters were flying, another spectacular thing to take in. We went during happy hour which offered cocktails at half price. Still what a normal expensive cocktail will cost in a normal establishment. All in all, it was worth the views.