Wade Noel
Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre and Raceway
Ottawa, Ontario
"Wade Noel"
Worst coffee in a gaming house ever. Comps overall are weak. They've cut out the "Birthday" gifts once offered for example and opted for small appliances on selected days. A clear push to attract the heavy hitters on the penny slots arriving by bus from the local Shady Acres Rest Home. This lowers the image of the joint and creates major lines at the customer service desk. Hard Rock will need to work hard elevating the experience for gamblers willing to drop several thousand a visit without offending 10 dollar visitors who will expect a toaster or bath towel for the Honor of their presence. Many of the staff are wonderful people however some have turned into Civil Servants which proves Govt should never be involved in gaming. Interesting times ahead for this place. Good Luck Hard Rock. Good Riddance Provincial Adjudicators of fun. On a positive note the seafood buffet was awesome. Great Snow Crab legs. I commend the staff who worked their tails off refilling them. The restaurant must lose their shirts on this item given the cost and the clear over consumption of some who went 5-6 times to refill their plates. People try the other fantastic items here and stop hovering over the crab like homeless folk. For the price the foods great. The restaurant staff are awesome, patient and hard working. My wife and I ate for free so I tipped 30 dollars. The table behind me of 6 who ate nothing but plate after plate after plate of crab left 5 dollars when they walked out. I was disgusted beyond words. The people NOT the restaurant nor the food nor the staff ruined my dining experience that particular evening. My hats off to these restaurant workers because I'd be fired in 15 minutes if I had to watch this despicable display of gluttony and lack of manners every GD day.