Mike Adams
Los Alamitos Race Course Los Alamitos Race Course
Los Alamitos, California
"Mike Adams"
Just a fan of horses. Unfortunately I’ve see the most weirdest bizarre things ever happen at this course. We know some races are surprisingly won by an unknown but to disqualify the 2/5 after he got smashed from every angle but behind him they ended up taking him down as if it was his fault lol. Ridiculous. I will forever talk negative about this place. This was one too many times. To go to the inquiry in a sprint where horse bang every race. Clearly you can be the judge yourself last race Friday night. Lol ?? so glad I’m just a spectator. Hence if anyone was to play a 2/5 shot then that’s your bad. It’s the principle of the best horse not even getting second because of stewards inquiry. LAME! And you willl stay LAMe!!! Stay away from this place. Unless you believe in reality shows