Frank P
Twin River Casino Twin River Casino
Lincoln, Rhode Island
"Frank P"
I've been coming here for years and always have a good time and bartenders are always friendly and nice. Normally a 5 star experience. This particular trip, I left there furious! I just cashed a ticket and stepped aside a few feet to count and arrange my money. I had dropped a $100 bill on the floor from my wallet. I stepped back over it to pick it up in a second because my hand were full and while stepping back I bumped into a woman who was picking up my money and walked off.. I stuffed my pockets with my stuff in hand and chased her down asking she give me back my money. She was yelling saying she didn't take my money. A worker who looked like they either fix a machine or was clearing a call button walked over and asked what was going on. I told him and she kept yelling and cutting me off.. He told me something along the lines that she had possession and to stop harassing this woman or I would be asked to leave.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! She walked of laughing as I was saying are you kidding me, even asked if someone could check cameras he kept walking ignoring me then walked into an area I obviously couldn't go. I walked off talking to myself, looking for my friend went and had a drink to "help calm down". Would have left then and there but my friend wanted to play more, I did not. Not sure I'll go back there again and if I do it won't be for a while. I'l also make sure i go to a bathroom stall to check whats in my wallet or my winnings..