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Mar 11 '18 at 0:52

Ernesto Alfonso

Ernesto Alfonso
I have no specific complaints as it pertains to the actual cruise ship experience. This is more centered towards their customer service representatives. With a high degree of certainty I can say that of the 5-7 people that I’ve spoken to (whether I called in or they called me) roughly half do a horrendous job at acting like they could give 2 craps about you & your booking. They have little to no patience and you better not ask too many questions or request if they can explain something further. That causes them to use a special skill called, “Fake polite service”, in which they use soothing words but in a patronizing/condescending way because they want you off the phone as soon as possible. There is only ONE person that I spoke to who was genuinely professional and sounded like he valued his job & didn’t hate it like all his co-workers.