Lindsie Baker
Tulalip Bingo
Tulalip, Washington
"Lindsie Baker"
I use to come all the time before they remodeled and loved losing my money here. Since the remodel, I've gone several times with a group of 4 and we usually end up leaving without attempting to stay. Coming on a Friday or Saturday, you need to be there super early, otherwise you stand in line for 20-30 minutes to buy bingo cards/machines and end up without a place to sit. One night we arrived 5 minutes after the game started, had to wait 10 minutes for the one cashier working, who kept walking away. From the cashier window we saw seats all the way in the back of non-smoking, get there to sit down and a lady (who had come alone) had her trolls and bingo daubers spread out over 6 seats. We turned around to go back into the smoking section and sit where there were a few available seats hodgepodged around a couple tables, when one of their workers actually YELLED at us to take a seat or leave! I think it is highly inconsiderate that they allow their regulars to take up half a table with trinkets and daubers. We've been told in the past (by workers) to move down to make room for other players but they will not speak up to regulars. I hope they start charging by the seats those players occupy. The only good thing left about this Bingo hall is the nacho cheese and white chocolate macadamia cookies. Unfortunately, all the ladies working in the kitchen are super rude and overwhelmed like they are never prepared for customers.