Margaritae Ellis
Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Margaritae Ellis"
The service was terrible. I couldn't tell you the server's name because he didn't say. I have always enjoyed T Bones, but tonight and the last time I went, the service was horrible. I took my daughter tonight to teach her of having proper ediquets and to learn about what to expect when she's out. T Bones failed. I have been a F&B manager for years and I know how to give the up most service to my guest. My bill was over 400.00 for a party of 3. When guest pay a dollar or hundreds of dollars they should expect great service. The server didn't even come back to ask if we wanted desert, rather just dropped off the check and did not return to collect the payment. Perhaps this is because lack of good management. Please get it together.