An Ga
The American Casino at Costa Caribe Coral The American Casino at Costa Caribe Coral
Juan Dolio
"An Ga"
Let's start with the positive things: the beach. Compared to other beaches at that area, this one was the most beautiful one! It had clear sand and water and enough palm trees, they made sure to clean up every day. Really a plus point compared to the hotel and the rooms. Also mostly good: the themed restaurants. Especially the Mexican one, then comes Italian/Dominican. Buffet was okey, it's 3 stars, nothing great expected. The live cooking area was better than the buffet. The omelette and egg man was the only highlight every morning, he was awesome and very talented, how he did it was always like a little show. But the last 3 days I must have eaten something bad, I got big problems with my stomach and had to go on toilet every hour. Also they had a lot of times green tomatoes in the buffet, which I know is totally unhealthy and not recommended to eat. The service in the buffet area was really bad, once we had to order a beer 3 times and the woman we ordered at just kept walking like a snail and doing other stuff. The service in the restaurants is mostly really good. Like in 8 of 10 times. Sometimes you just catch a bad day or waiter. One big tip: DON'T GET A SAFE KEY!!! WE PAID 40$ FOR 13 DAYS AND DIDN'T GET THE MONEY BACK! No-one told us that. A little upset about that. The beach sellers are annoying but always friendly, you get used to it. Just don't start a convo, say no thank you directly and they will leave afterwards. The rooms are very old and not really nice, our hair dryer once went off and suddenly there was smoke. Since then we never used it again. They sent a cleaning woman to fix it but she did nothing. DON'T book tours from anex, you can get way cheaper ones from people who live around or there. Go to Saona Island and Catalina, really worth it. The animation was really nice! Very good dancers and always new dances. But they acted so arrogantly when you saw them, not every one but some of them. Don't book a tour to the capital, too expensive and not worth it. Totally wasted money.