Sing C
King's Ransom Casino King's Ransom Casino
Mooringsport, Louisiana
"Sing C"
Beautiful Hotel. Overall, I'm giving it a 4-star because the service was excellent and the hotel was nice. However, please be advised that they're undergoing major Construction at this time. Particularly, they are contracted to start working at 9 am but actually started before 8 a couple of the mornings. This was extremely bothersome, given we are in Vegas after all. Everyone is up drinking and hanging out all night and waking up before 8 in the morning to jackhammering for 3 hours is no fun. Especially with a hangover. I would stay here again, but definitely will wait until after construction is over. If you are a sound sleeper and nothing bothers you then go ahead and go for it! As for me, I am a very light sleeper so I did not get any sleep or rest at all.