Classical Rips
St. Jo Frontier Casino St. Jo Frontier Casino
Saint Joseph, Missouri
"Classical Rips"
I've been coming here for about 3 months here and have visited/spent enough to have a silver club card now. This casino has a wide variety of slots and several table games. Expect to see blackjack with a $5 and a $10 table, a $5 mini craps table, and various other card games such as Texas Shootout and other similar table games. Two games which the casino does not have are baccarat and poker (including Texas Hold 'Em). There are two roulette tables, a $5 automatic roulette table and a $10 traditional table, both 00. The $10 is rarely open due to lack of dealers, the best time to find it open is on weekends, but even then don't expect to see it open. I can honestly say that I've been very disappointed with this casino. Do not expect to see any form of comps. The only free thing you should expect are free soft drinks. Don't expect to ever be offered a free 'hard' drink unless you're dropping a lot of money one particular night. Every other month, you might get a flyer in the mail for $10 worth of free slot play. Other than that, nothing. Staff can be hit and miss. Unfortunately, there are never enough dealers around so it can be rather difficult to get it on table games. Expect to be on a waiting list for most card games and the miniature craps table is usually so packed that they don't even offer a waiting list because there isn't enough turnover for you to get in there anyways. If you can't afford the gas to get down to a Kansas City casino, it's an okay place to spend an evening. You'll still have some fun, but if you can make it to a better casino, you should.